wedding timeline & information


Welcome everyone! I am Samantha, and I will be photography Cat & Rachel's wedding. I created this to help paintn a clear picture of how the wedding day will play out photography wise. That way everyone can be on the same page for the wedding day. I have broken down the wedding for both family and the bridal party. If you have any questions please reach out to me! 

Remeber! Unless I ask you to smile at my camera, try to pretend I"m not there. I really want to capture undistrunred moments for these two so hopeldfy this page will also help you get to know me a little bit more. That way on the wedding you might be alittle big more comfortable with me snapping around the wedding. Also....if you see me photographing any children please do not ask them to look at me:) I will ask them to look at the camera if I need them to. Thank you! 



starting at 2pm
Prince Of Peace Catholic Church
Kearney, Ne

reception starting at 6
Younes Center | The Crystal Room
Kearney, Ne

The Comfort Inn
Kearney Ne
*this hotel is in close walking distance to reception venue


We are asking the family to be ready to go at the church at 12pm. We will begin shortly after. I work from a list and will be calling up groups at a time. I follow the list that has been prepared between the couple and I so that I don't miss anything. 


I will start my day with the girls at 10:30. When I arrive I will photograph the girls getting ready & the wedding details. I will photograph the bridesmaid dresses & Rachel's dress, then just Rachel's dress. When I am photographing the bride's dress the bridesmaids can then get into theirs. The goal here is to have all of the bridesmaids & Rachel's mom dressed so that when they help Rachel into her wedding dress those images are beautiful and classic. 

Remember, if you are with Rachel this early in the day...she wants you there. That means be picture ready and not dodging my camera. Also, unless I ask you to look at me and smile, try not pay any attention to me.




10:30: photography begins with details
*please have details prepared for me, I will start with those
*details to have ready: invitation & save the dates, flowers, dresses, vows?, veil, shoes, jewelry, perfume, something old/borrowed/blue...anything special to the day
*if you could have a spare flower for me to use to style the details that would be great, if not I can use your bouquets (no big deal :) )
*makeup getting ready shots

11 - Rachel get's dressed
*whoever is helping Rachel get dressed should be dressed by now
*15 minutes bridal portraits

11:20 -  Catlin & guys
*have ALL groomsmen & groom waiting to put tie/vest/jackets on(I will have them redo it if they do it without me :) )
*groom portraits & set up for first look

11:40 - First look
*first look, bride & groom portraits

12:10 - Family formals (weather permitting)
*starting w/ bride side
* I will have list we will follow from the couples guide

12:45 - Full bridal party shot
*Brides family inside church at alter
*bride & groom w/ littles
*groom w/ littles
*bride w/ littles (just girls/just boys)
*just littles
*groom w/ ushers
***ALL other bridal party mix ups will happen after ceremony @ Fort Kearney 

1:15 @ the latest - Hide Bride
*photograph guests arriving & any details shots that need finished up

2-3:30ish - Ceremony & Exit

3:45ish - Reception Room Photography
*bridal party cruises on bus while I stop to photograph the reception space. Then I head out to Fort Kearney to meet bridal party.


4:20 - Meet Photographer @ Fort Kearney
*bride + bm
*groom + gm
groom + gm +ushers
*groom + ushers
*bride + ushers
*full bridal party w/ ushers
*bride + bm singles
*groom + gm singels
*bride + groom session


5:45 - 6:15 - I go to reception & Bridal Party stays on bus

6:30 - Grand Entrance


6:30 - 8:30 - Reception Events