I have been a wedding & senior photographer for the past 4 years. And yes, I realize you're running a brand. You need a very fashion forward, edgy photographer. Someone who has style and can bring your brand to life. And although I have been shooting weddings, I do believe I have that edge you are looking for. Weddings & seniors are full of styling. It is so much more than just portraits. I create images that showcase details & tell a story or portray a feeling without it feeling "cheesy". I have become very good at seeing what the camera sees. Where others see a t.v. and a dumpster, I see the perfect spot for my shoot.  I shoot all my weddings with an end product in mind. I am shooting for my blog, for submissions, and for the client. I understand approaching a photoshoot with multiple purposes. Knowing I may need different angles or or negative space for print. Trying to find a color story or finding ways to tie a certain theme together without it feeling like there is obviously a theme. 
I understand how to create content & imagery that shows off your brand. I am used to working on tight timelines & know how to find killer locations fast. I also have my own pro gear (full frame & fast glass), an apple computer, & lighting gear. I am profiecent in photoshop & lightroom.