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I was 3 years old when my house burned to the ground. I remember my mother ripping my brother & I out of bed. I remember the heat & the glow of the flames. I remember my father fighting a losing battle with a garden hose. It was an old farm house rich with family history, the place my great grandfather was raised. It was just an old farm house, it didn't stand a chance against the flames, it was gone in minutes. A gas leak sparked history that night & the very core of me was born from the fire.

We recovered in time, but everything was lost. No memories, no clothes, no documents, no photographs.
Growing up I longed to look at pictures of my parent's wedding, I wanted to know what life was like before me, there was nothing to show me. I learned at a young age the value of a legacy. It was then that I started to appreciate things of the past. Old records, old post cards, old books, old music… or an old farm house.

alt="Kearney, Nebraska wedding photographer"


I became a story teller to illustrate. I became an artist to gift the beauty in the dull. I became a time keeper to pause what is fleeting. I am a photographer to help you create prints for remembering, portraits for hanging, & boxes for filling with memories that signify family, strength, & faith. 
 For me, photography is about documenting the past for the future. It is about creating something to pass down to your generations, something that they can cherish & build up on. Something that can last forever. It is an investment in your love, relationships, your memories.

So who am I? I am an artist forged from the fire, who tells stories that pause time through imagery. Welcome to Prairie Star Photography. I'm Sammi & I believe in the power of a legacy.