I'm a mother, photographer, adventure seeker & total computer geek. I'm not sure how that all came to be, but hey...It has! My life has been filled with the desire to travel & create. I merged the love of tech & pretty things in wedding photography. Now I travel Colorado, South Dakota, & Nebraska photographing weddings. 


*I love a good rock opera.

*I am a professional driver's seat dancer, though no one knows because I freeze up at every stoplight. (I really wish I didn't.)

*I judge even the fanciest of restaurants by how good their french fries are. 

*I hoard notebooks…Because I believe this will help me stay organized, but really I just like the feeling of blank paper. The feeling of what could be...

*I have seen every episode of Law & Order. Every. Single. One. 

*I name my vehicles. My first car was Brewskie (it's best if you don't ask why) then Missy (a Dodge truck), and now Wilbur (a black jeep named after my great grandpa who bought a brand new jeep that never ran, turns out our jeeps have that whole won't run thing in common).

*I have an alter ego I share with my grandmother. TOWANDA! (Fried Green Tomatoes Reference)

*I packed up my truck & moved to Colorado when I was 22. I had a map, a dog, & a truck. You'll have to get the rest of that story from me in person ;)

*John Denver is the poet of my soul, there I said it.