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IMPORTANT>>>>>>>>> Save your email with the gallery information. You will need it to access the gallery & keep track of it. <<<<<<<<<

 1. Save your email to get back to the gallery & share it with friends & family
2. You will need your 4 digit Pin
3. Download Images- Via the little arrow pointed downward (it's a little icon under the big picture at the top of the gallery). Click the little arrow pointing down & follow the prompts.
4. Save your images to a jump drive asap!

Your Gallery Allows You To
*Share (Using the sharing options or sharing the url link at the top of your gallery page)
*Print (You can print straight from the gallery through me or you can download them & print them yourselves)

 You need to download your images to your computer. After you download them save them to a usb drive or to a cloud service. Preferably both. As technology changes it is critical that you care for your images. I am only responsible for the first delivery. If you need me re-upload the gallery after it is down it will be a $50 fee. I can not guarantee I will always keep your images. So please, please, please take care of them. 

 Download the original file size! This is what you need for printing to make large prints!!! Again, download the large file size! 

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 You can order prints through your gallery. The prices are very reasonable & your prints come from a professional printing company. They arrive right to your door in a couple days.

 If you decide to print your own images I suggest you print from one of these online print sites. They are more constant & have better results than using Walmart, Target, or  generic printing companies. The products from my recommended sites are awesome, of higher quality, & it really is easier than you might think. Trust me! 

Print Companies (CLICK THEM)
1. Artifact Uprising
2. Mpix