Here is a great tip that goes against the way most weddings work here in the Midwest. When you enter your reception (your grand entrance), go straight into your dance. I have so many wonderful images of first dances. However, in nearly all of them nobody is watching. A lot of the time even the parents are lost in the crowd and the bridal party is scattered about. Most people are eating, drinking, and chatting. You have lost the majority of the attention in the room. 
 If you go straight into your dance when you come in everyone is standing, they are cheering and ALL of them are watching you. So do your first dance (it only takes a couple of minutes), then eat! Your photography will be filled with smiling faces, standing around the dance floor. Plus the energy of the room and that grand entrance last a bit longer.
 Do your wedding your way! 

~Samantha Sinsel

 Wedding at the Holland Performing Arts Center, Omaha