I know you want to look ravishing on your wedding day. Truth be told, it starts in advance. The biggest secret to looking utterly fabulous is beauty prep ladies. How you take care of your skin, hair, and body all leading up to the big day could make or break your look. How committed are you? Well that's for you to decide. Here is the top seven crucial pre wedding beauty tips for brides.

  1. Skin care starts at least six to eight weeks prior to the wedding. Invest in your wedding day beauty and get top of the line skin care products. You will need to moisturize, cleanse, and treat your pores daily leading up to your vows. Most skin care products will cause a breakout as it begins the process and pores clean out. So allow time for your skin to adjust and be radiant day of! Remember moisturizer is key to glowing skin.
  2. Be sure to get those spit ends trimmed every four to six weeks until the wedding to ensure no fried ends. Nobody wants to sport the kinky split end curls. Also be sure to condition your hair with a mask once a week to get that shine!
  3. Get your sun on! Everyone wants that sun kissed glow on their wedding day. Don't overdue it! If you are laying in a tanning bed stop the week of the wedding to let your tan even out and take on that natural look. You should be using a moisturizer if your laying in a tanning bed as well. Soft and sexy skin day of if you head this advice!  
  4. Find the right makeup. If you aren't going to hire a pro then you need to know your makeup can handle a long day. Get the look right before the morning of your wedding.  Get a small all in one compact case that is empty and build your wedding day touch up kit. That way you have to carry a lot of makeup with you when your out getting those killer bridal party shots or dancing the night away.
  5. Get a manicure. Your hands will be on display. Between people looking at your ring and pictures you will want to have lovely hands and nails. Don't go to bold on the nail color, it will stick out to you later looking back. 
  6. Try your bridal hair on! Don't go to far from your personality. You want your bridal hair to reflect who you are and do not repeat your prom do!!!! Your a grown up now and there are plenty of hair styles out there that don't say prom. Be sure to have the product needed to get you through a hot day if your a summer bride!  Oh...and no don't make a drastic change you might not like.
  7. Loose weight. Set your wedding weight goal realistically and work towards it. Diet and exercise will make you feel better and in control in a time when you often feel stressed. Cutting out salt 3 weeks prior to the wedding will cut back on puffy eyes and help you loose some water weight. 

 So there you have it! Seven awesomely awesome ways to up your bridal beauty! Your wedding only happens once and I want you to look and feel the best you ever have. I know you can do it ladies! It will pay off in the end and when you are looking hott at the beach on your honey moon you will be twice as glad. Any tips of your own? Let the us in on your beauty tips or routine....