Why I Sometimes Space Out At Weddings...

  Sometimes when I am shooting weddings I have these moments. Generally these little spells, I think I will call them that, are triggered by events happening around me. A gift being passed down through the generations, the father of the bride seeing his daughter for the first time on her wedding day, old Bibles, or other sentimental things. I am so taken back by these displays of family love, hope, tradition, or faith. 

  I just get this feeling of thankfulness that washes over my body. I am so thankful to be apart of these peoples lives. Weddings are unique events because they are a long time comin' ya know?  Every mother knows that someday they will watch their child get married, every little girl wonders who under the moon will be her husband, every daddy dreads their little growing up.

  Weddings are a big reminder of those early thoughts. You can see it on everyone's faces. They are all taken back by how time has flown by and all of a sudden it is a wedding day. I think because I can read peoples energies I can see this a little bit more clear than others.

  I just had to share that. So if you ever see me spacing out at a wedding it is because I am total awe of the energy all around me. You can almost feel the memories floating around in the air. You could nearly pick them out of the air between people, hold them in your hands and watch them unfold. And there is nothing I love more than picking memories. 

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