Romantic Outdoor Fall Wedding in Omaha

There are times in my career as a wedding photographer that I am so taken back by a couple that it shows me exactly why I do this. A wedding that reminds me why I started to do this in the first place. It's a simple reason, really. Love. An energy between two people that can be so electric it sets others on fire. 

I knew the moment I met Carrie & Matt that they were meant to be. Relationships are made up of two people who can sometimes be so opposite. However, when I met these two they had the same glow. They were made of the same kind of magic. They shared this connection that I could see, hell I could even feel it. I wonder if they know that they have the kind of love people write about?

I already knew they were special people from spending time with them at their rehearsal dinner, but then I found another clue. A special ring box with a little tune written on the front. A song from an old cartoon that I am sure most people wouldn't recognize. That's when I was blown away and was certain I had stumbled into a wedding I was meant to be at. I learned a lot from you two. The biggest reason I am sure will present itself in time but for now, I prepared a short list. 
1. Laugh, a lot.
2. Go through life yelling positive things.
3. Smart phones only hold you down.
4. When you kiss, kiss like you mean it...

So here is to singing about the moon, or tea for two, or a sky so blue.

If you'd like to see what the ring box was all about you can see this little clip I LIKE TO SINGA CLIP