Brooke & Derek Engaged

 I had no idea where I was join on that Janurary Nebraska day. I simply knew we would be in the country & that it would be on the groom's family land. I couldn't of been more excited when we got there. The location for Brooke & Derek's engagement session was an old abandoned farm. Old buildings, barns, wind mills, & so much history. 

 Brooke & Derek's dog roamed the property as we worked from spot to spot. Brooke told me stories of Derek's family & how connected they were with the property. They even had a little camping spot down by the creek that ran through the property. Derek requested a shot in front of an old barn that he said he had always loved the look of playing on the property as a child. 

 Then for the final setting we drove in their truck through a ruff pasture, down a little cliff (it felt like it ),  until we were on a ridge in the middle of pasture ground. All around us deer were scampering around & the sun was setting over the land. For as far as you could see the Nebraska landscape stretched on & on. 

 I adored this session & how much love was given to the process. I am lucky to of been given the chance to work with such a lovely couple.