Pick A Killer Bridesmaid Dress

Picking Killer Bridesmaids Dresses


 Choosing a bridesmaid dress can be tricky. Different body shapes create a challenge for dressing your maids. You want them to look good, feel amazing, & maybe even wear the dress again. However, it is still YOUR wedding. You want it to be your style, your colors, your way. Such a fine line has to be walked when you are planning a wedding. You have to be able to say this is what I want, this is my vision, this is MY wedding. At the same time you have to not drive away all of your friends doing it. So how? How do you pick killer bridesmaids dresses that rock your wedding socks off? 


First off. You must take into consideration how body shape will effect your choices. If you ask a girl to be in your party it is only polite that you accommodate her body shape with a flattering frock. Anyone looks amazing in the right dress, that fits correctly. Don't make her wear a dress to revealing on top, to short, or cut wrong. There is a common ground you just might have to work to find it. Also be sensitive when shopping with your girls who have body image issues...shopping can be hard for them already. 



Your colors will obviously match your wedding colors. You don't have to put them all in the same color if you don't want to. Many brides are opting for a wide variety of colors that compliment each other these days. You could pick different shades of pink or a pattern that has your colors in it. When it comes to the cut the common theme should carry on. All of them short, all of them strapless, or all of them with one strap. Just try to find a common thread for both cut & color. 


Ps....Don't let anyone guilt you into getting anything other than your dream bridesmaids dresses! 

What would you tell a bride who is about to go shopping for dresses? Have you been a bridesmaid....what did you learn from that experience? As always I thank you for reading this. I need you guys.

Stay Wild!  ~Sammi