Tyson & Jaimee | Wedding Photography | Minden, Nebraska

"You Lift Me Up Higher Than The Mountain..." 

  Tyson and Jaimee have been friends of mine for a long time. Jaimee's family and my family go waaaaaay back. She has been my room mate twice and we played sports together for a total of 7 years. She is more like a sister or a cousin than just a friend. She was also my very first photography client! She trusted me before anybody else and has been a true supporter of my business and artistic vision. So when she approached me about her wedding and engagement photography I was thrilled! I was so happy to be apart of my extended family's big day!  
 Tyson is an outstanding man. He married two ladies that day, Jaimee and her daughter. She had a ring just like mommy and all! So sweet! They were truly the vision of a beaming new family that day. I am so proud of Tyson and the way he has taken these girls and made them the center of his world.
 The wedding was focused on the love they have grown and a down home style wedding planned with family and pulled off as a team. These families worked together to achieve a truly story book wedding! The church was epic and needed little decoration as it was historic and the reception was to die for! LOVED the theme, loved the decor, and love red solo cups mounted as wine glasses. Plus the party was pretty amazing as well! 
  Jaimee and Tyson were married in Axtell, Nebraska and celebrated their reception in Minden. Photographing this wedding was a true blessing. Wishing you guys the best!