Derek & Brooke's Classic Preppy Wedding

Brooke & Derek were married in Arapahoe, in a sweet small town church. The families came together & they all celebrated a sweet love. But, this was the first wedding I have ever had where the bride texted me at midnight the night before telling me the groom was sick. "Derek is in the hospital". I couldn't believe it, my heart hurt for them & I told her that I would do whatever she needed me to do. 
 The next morning things moved slow, the wedding went on & Derek left the hospital that morning to get ready to meet is bride. Although he was sick, the wedding was beautiful. The vows, the dress, the wedding car, the decorations, the emotions.  Everything about this wedding was stunning. 
 Brooke wore a lovely strapless gown that showed off her beautiful figure & the guys wore a fitted tux. The flowers were so pretty & contained my favorite…Peonies!! You know I love real flowers. 
 Apparently there is a team Karen, that is Derek's mom, I could see why she was a total sweetie. The bride's dad was a great dancer, & her twin sister knocked her speech out of the park. 

 A big thank you to the couple!