2016 Wedding Dress Trends

 This years dress trends are very exciting! I have been over the vanilla look of the strapless dress for a loooong time. That is why I wanted to share with you some of my favorite styles of the 2016 collections! 

 These dresses inspire me, they take me places. Back in time to Paris, New York in the 50's, to a field of wild gypsy dreams. They have character and they have style. 

What are you looking for in a dress? Are you happy to see long sleeves make a come back? 

Here are a couple of my favorite dresses for 2016 to inspire your search!


Designer: Hayley Paige (Spring 2016)
Dress Name: Hayley

Designer: Lazzaro
Dress Name: Style LZ3607

Designer: Essence Of Australia
Dress Name: STYLE D1874

*all pictures from the designer websites, if you google the dress names & numbers  you can see the rest of their collections*

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Places you can find a wedding dress in Nebraska

Ready or Knot Wedding Chic | Omaha Wedding Dress Shop
11009 Elm St. Omaha Ne, 68144

Rhylan Lang Bridal | Omaha Wedding Dress Boutique
Regency Court Omaha Shopping Cener
10 Regency Pkwy, Omaha Ne, 68114

Blush Bridal Boutique | Lincoln Wedding Dress Shop
5801 S. 58th St. Lincoln Ne, 68516

Azurite Bridal | Lincoln Wedding Dress Shop
2525 Pine Lake Rd #207, Lincoln Ne, 68512

Into The Wild (my story pt. 1)


 I was 22. I was a wild gypsy pretty much. I wanted to run around bare foot everywhere (like the bank, the store, the gas station EVERYWHERE folks). I just wanted to be free from societies norms. I hated that people were expected to live in some box, walk some line, & mostly hate it the whole time. I didn't want to live a life I disliked to escape once or twice a year on vacation. Why would you throw precious time away? Why not do what you want now? RIGHT NOW?!?! 
 So my 22 year old me saw a movie, that movie was Into The Wild. My calling to do something crazy had found its' spark. The movie was about a guy who left everything behind to live in the Alaskan Wilderness. So I did the same, on a smaller scale. 
 On October 1, 2009 I gave my job a 30 day notice. I gave my boyfriend a 30 day notice. I gave my family a 30 day notice. I was leaving, I wanted to feel the mountain air on my face. I was Colorado bound. To the peaks, the snow, the forest, to the unknown, to my adventure. 
 Those 30 days leading up me leaving were intense, everyone was angry, sad, a little wielded out, & thrown off. Why leave? No job, no plan, no real money, no goals? Just mountains? Yep. Just mountains. 
 I packed my truck up to leave Minden & stopped at my grandparent's house to unload what wasn't necessary. They live on the Kansas boarder & own two farm houses, the second farm house is a storage unit of sorts for the family.  So I dropped off things that would be too much for me to handle on my own. The only things that needed to go with me were my dog (Poet, she's an Alaskan Malamute), my great-grandmother's painting, my radio, my guitar, clothes, & what decorations I could jam in the truck to make the new place feel like home. 
 I stayed a few nights at my grandparent's house before I left, working up the nerve I guess. Then on November 6th my grandma followed me about 20 miles to Norton, Kansas. We pulled over in a park & she hugged me. We cried & she told me to run. So I did, I ran. 
 I reached the Colorado boarder & got out to dance, cry some more & wonder what I was doing. I let my dog out & thought of the people I had left behind. I was sad, but also very excited for a new journey. I had no idea where I was going. I just wanted peaks. Mountains & wilderness, that's all. 
 That night I arrived in Breckenridge, Colorado. With no plan, a map, a dog, & a dream. Breck ended up being a little too yuppy for me….so I landed somewhere a bit more rustic. A bit more off the beaten path. A little gem  I like to call….Grand Lake.


 Want to know more? Part 2 is coming soon. Have you ever done the unexpected? 

My truck all packed up & ready to go.

My truck all packed up & ready to go.

Poet & I on November 6th, 2009

Poet & I on November 6th, 2009

Minden Nebraska….home base.

Minden Nebraska….home base.

Poet in the Colorado, Rockies. Near Grand Lake, Colorado. 

Poet in the Colorado, Rockies. Near Grand Lake, Colorado.