Outdoor Engagements | Colorado Wedding Photographer

This is a perfect example of why I only photograph engagements outdoor. Even if If had a studio I wouldn't use it. The light & the outdoors is why I became a photographer. Pretty things in golden light...my favorite! 

Natural Light Kearney Engagement Session

 Bobbi & Matt are getting married in June this year. We met at Matt's parent's house where we would wonder the property for the session. I was pleasantly surprised by the yard which turned out more like a park. Space, trees, & stunning light play! 
 Later this year the wedding will be as well. A tent wedding under the stars. I am super excited about the apple tree I will get to use as well for the photography on the wedding day. So many options, plus a couple in total love! Yes, I will be in heave. Stay tuned for a dream landscape for a wedding coming in June <3