What belongs in the emergency wedding kit? What is an emergency wedding kit? Well, it is an essential part of any wedding day. The bridal kit is a little magic bag of goodies, filled with random things you don't know you need, until you need them. So! What do I recommend to my brides? Here is a list of what I think goes into the perfect bridal kit. 


BOBBI PINS : For any hair out of place, to pin the veil in, or to secure the veil latter in the day for pictures if it's windy. 

SAFETY PINS: For any clothing quick fix.

SMALL BOTTLE OF HAIR SPRAY & CLEAR MASCARA:  To fix fly aways if you have particularly frizzy hair. In the summer it get's hot in those dresses & the frizz can break your hair spray hold. A little clear mascara can help with that. 

MAKEUP: Your lipstick to reapply, concealer to touch up under the eyes or cover blemishes. Powder if your oily & blotching paper. 

MAKEUP WIPES: If your mascara or eye liner runs, a quick swipe under the eyes can clean that up. 

DEODORANT: For obvious reasons :)

SMALL SEWING KIT: A small sewing kit with thread that matches your dress, your bridesmaid's dresses, & the color of your men's wear.  **I have seen a flower fall off the flower girl's dress, bridesmaid's loose a strap, & a bride being sewn into her dress due to a zipper mishap. My point, sewing kits are pretty essential. 

TIDE STICK: To fight those random stains.

MIDAL & TYLENOL: To fight any headaches or cramps that come up. 

TUMS OR ANTACID: Incase you get heart burn from that champagne. 

HYGIENE PRODUCTS: You know, incase aunt flow comes to town for anyone in the bridal party.

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You should also carry a little purse or clutch, separate from the "kit" itself on your wedding day. Not all day or anything, just one that can go on the limo with you, or go with you when you go somewhere away from your venues to do the wedding photography. In your clutch bring with you money, i.d, your lipstick, a couple of bobbi pins, concealer, a couple makeup wipes(you can find travel size perfect for a purse or put a couple wipes in a ziplock bag). 

Share this with your maid of honor or someone else who can help you put this together! Weddings are a group project & this emergency wedding kit could benefit everyone. 

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