Outdoor Nebraska Wedding | Burchell's Farm House

 The summer heat let up just enough for Michala and Jake to host a charming wedding at Burchell's Farm House in Minden. The farm house was a honest reflection of the couple's life and upbringing. As a farmers they were even represented by the scenery of the wedding day. And in true build it yourself, put a little love behind it farming fashion the groom even cooked all of the meat for the wedding! The wedding itself was a small gathering of close family and friends. The reception was huge, held at the Minden Fair Grounds. I have never seen the fairgrounds building as full as I did that night. All to celebrate the love of two people. It was a perfect summer day that lead to a perfect summer night and the beginning of forever for this couple. Enjoy a peek into the wedding!

Burchell's Farm House Wedding Minden, Ne
Kearney Wedding Photographer