Kearney World Theatre Wedding

 Sometimes you meet two people who you know in your heart are for real in love. They aren't simply taking the next step in the relationship, they aren't doing what people do when they have been together for a couple of years, they are in God given love. Carley and Adam were meant to be, they are timeless like your favorite movie. They are good like your best friend you can talk to anytime. They fit together so perfectly. I cried like three times:)

 I learned some things at this wedding too. Such as, if you need to entertain children simply pull out the ol' spoon on nose trick, Nike's make great groomsmen shoes, and if you need to sneak in the house past midnight just pull the fuse box to push the clocks back to twelve. Besides amazing life hacks I also watched a groom ooze love for his bride. All Adam could see was Carley and I was honored to be there to document that. 

 Enjoy your little look until the gallery is ready! And thank you Adam and Carley for selecting me! 


Younes Center - Venue
World Theatre - Venue
Cake - K Town Cakes
Florals - Floral Expressions
Dj - Complete Music