Outdoor Summer Wedding | South Dakota Wedding Photographer

When my cousin reached out to me about photographing her wedding I felt thrilled to be able to journey to South Dakota to be apart of her day. Her family was hosting the wedding in Akaska, SD. A small town that reminds me a lot of my home town, so very small. Hidden in a gem of a valley that showcased rolling hills and sweeping wheat fields. The sky was as big as the land scape. The distance seemed to go on for eternity, the area had a way of making you feel very small. It was just so...vast. 

The South Dakota wedding was an intimate event. Surrounded by family and faith this couple made their vows under a big blue sky. Just off the river the breeze helped keep us from roasting in the hot summer sun. But, oh was the view worth it. Jessica and Donovon chose to see each other before the 7 o'clock ceremony so I had plenty of time to take in the scenery, something I was beyond happy about. Nothing feeds my soul like romance and scenery! Later in the evening after they toasted to the happy couple the guests sent them off with wedding poppers into the pouring rain! I mean pouring! They say rain is good luck so Jessica & Donovon should be good for the next decade at least!

LITTLE SIDE NOTE: Jessica is my cousin and we share a great grandmother. I was touched to see her wearing our grandmother's engagement ring on her wedding day. The ties to family played an important roll in this wedding and knowing I was apart of that just made my heart sing! What a blessing. 

So enjoy my cousins South Dakota wedding!