Barn Wedding | Colorado Wedding Photographer

Oh Ethan & Victoria! I told them this weekend that they were the most untraditionally traditional couple I have ever met. They are so wholesome and sweet. They were married at the Prairie Loft Barn in Hastings, Ne. They made the very traditional choice to not allow the groom to see the bride before the ceremony. They did however have a "first touch, no look" moment. Where the groom was blindfolded and they prayed together. So traditional, yet so not traditional in style. I mean you can see for your self! The groom had a handle bar mustache and the groomsmen/groom wore suspenders. The bride's sister grew them 100's of flowers for the wedding, and the whole day was filled with charming details. The barn at the Prairie Loft provided the perfect backdrop for the event. They are my jam. Enough said! 

I adore you guys and your families, a special thanks to Randy who jumped my car:)