Brittney & Gabe | Nebraska Wedding Photography

Brittney & Gabe, 

 Being a apart of your engagement year and then your wedding day was all the reason my passion is just that... my passion. In this world there is always going to be people who are pessimistic. They will down play weddings and their meaning, roll their eye's at romance. I am not one of those people. I believe in the magic of love, and the honor of a wedding day. And in the name of total romance I have to two are more in love than when I met you a year ago. And I hope you continue to grow and fall even more in love each day. Your love story is your very own, and it is sweet. Watching both your mama's eye's glow all day kept me choking back the tears. You very clearly come from two families who love you & support you whole heartily. Plus, I think the fact that both sides of your families are such good dancers is clearly a sign that all this.....well it is just meant to be. 

To Brittney & Gabe! May you always go ahead and dance to your song if given the chance, may your kisses be sweet, and your love for Wayne State everlasting!