2016 Wedding Dress Trends

 This years dress trends are very exciting! I have been over the vanilla look of the strapless dress for a loooong time. That is why I wanted to share with you some of my favorite styles of the 2016 collections! 

 These dresses inspire me, they take me places. Back in time to Paris, New York in the 50's, to a field of wild gypsy dreams. They have character and they have style. 

What are you looking for in a dress? Are you happy to see long sleeves make a come back? 

Here are a couple of my favorite dresses for 2016 to inspire your search!


Designer: Hayley Paige (Spring 2016)
Dress Name: Hayley

Designer: Lazzaro
Dress Name: Style LZ3607

Designer: Essence Of Australia
Dress Name: STYLE D1874

*all pictures from the designer websites, if you google the dress names & numbers  you can see the rest of their collections*

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Places you can find a wedding dress in Nebraska

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Rhylan Lang Bridal | Omaha Wedding Dress Boutique
Regency Court Omaha Shopping Cener
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Blush Bridal Boutique | Lincoln Wedding Dress Shop
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