Fall Wedding, Kearney Nebraska

 This wedding was Linzzy and Tristian, a couple so in love they literally shoot love beams straight from their eye balls. Real life friends, you can see how in love they are BIG TIME. 

 I grew up with Linzzy, her sister and I ran track together for 3 years, played softball together for 5 years, and roomed together in college. You could say we were close:) Oh and I photographed her sister's wedding as well! Our parents are friends and our families are close. Even her extended family, I consider family. Linzzy was my little sister's best friend. I mean the list goes on. This day was a special, special day.

  I watched this girl grow up. I watched her turn into an amazing mother, and now an equally stellar wife. The love for her family is strong and she is so clearly in love with Tristian. Furthermore, they are grateful for each other. For the love they have together and the family they have created.

  The day started in my studio with our families getting ready. We carried onto the church and the dress was put on. The first look brought tears, the preacher man prayed, the first kiss was given. A life of love began and I was able to watch all of it happen. 

  I wish this couple years of joy, legacy, faith, family, hope, and much love. You two deserve it! AMEN!