Lincoln Nebraska Wedding Photographer

  I woke early the morning of Shelby & Cameron's wedding. I packed my bags and prepped for the two hour drive through the Nebraska scenery to the wedding. The river is my favorite passenger along i-80. Giving me time to think & run through the corners of my mind.

 I arrived to the same church both Shelby's parents & grandparents were married. This shared heritage and family unity was woven throughout the wedding. In her honor of her grandparents her mother had gifted her a six pence, with the year of her grandparent's wedding on it. I felt in my heart that they were there with us. 

 Watching her father shook my heart. You could tell he was seeing a 4 year old Shelby in a wedding dress all day. The obvious love for his daughter reminded me just how lucky I am to capture these moments. You could almost pluck love from the air. It was thick folks, the love was abound. 

 A couple so in love, a family so strong, a faith that grows. That my friends, was what this day was to me.