More Than A Name…

Three years ago Prairie Star Photography was born from a dream and a whole lot of ambition. I stumbled into the wedding industry, but once those doors opened and I looked around…I was hooked. My romantic heart took flight. I had found my calling. 
 Along the way I lost me. I was trying to create a business that was "wedding" enough. I was trying to create a business that was "professional". I was trying  to control how people thought of me, and we all know that doesn't really work. I tried the rock star photographers of the weeks style on, and no surprise…it didn't fit. Eventually I came back around to me. 
 I needed some help though. I was lost in a sea of wedding magazines, bad marketing, website design, & "who am I" conundrums. I knew I needed someone to reach in & pull me out. 
 Enter Jeff Jochum. However, he didn't save me like I thought he would. He didn't pull me out, he simply tossed me what felt like string & random objects. Then left me to find my own way. In hind site, I know what he gave me wasn't "random". It was precisely what I needed at that moment. 
 With Jeff's guidance and a little push, I found me again. I looked in the mirror and saw a girl I recognized. That was Sammi staring back at me. A hopeless romantic with big dreams, a fearless challenger of the status quo, a bohemian mountain mamma who wants to tie ribbon on everything and dance in the sun. 
 Then I recognized that I couldn't create a business separate from who I am, I had to create a business based on exactly who I am. Changing from Prairie Star Photography to Samantha Weddings is more than a name change. It's me.

 So, here is to new adventures. New spaces and new people. Here is to the road that brought me here. All that is and all that will be, me.