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  The temple was a large structure that stood out on against the downtown Omaha setting. I was immediately struck by just how "temple" like it was. Stepping into the theatre was like stepping back in time. The stage with the towering red curtains and the endless detail in the room was a first for me, I was taken back. You could almost feel the history seeping out of the walls, almost hear the organ filling the air. This building has joy, mystery, love, music, and history in the very walls. I got lost amongst the staircases and elevators more than once that night.

 Finding the entrance I was met by Lyndsey's father who helped me bring my gear up. Lyndsey showed me around the temple while she calmly directed her family about the final touches. She showed me her dress that was much more of a flowing gown. Lyndsey's look was simple yet breathtaking. As I watched her that day I saw that in her as well. She was calm, regal, and let her personality shine. Her love for Mike was her biggest accessory that day. She had that old world glam, that matched her venue perfectly. 

 After the ceremony we drove to a couple spots around downtown Omaha. The entire time the bridal party was having a blast. The park was all laughs, the bar was all das boots, and the art museum was all blue steal. 

 This wedding was historic, honest, old Hollywood, fun, and full of hospitality. Thank you Lyndsey and Mike! Many more years of happiness to you!