Natural Light Engagements

 Krystal called me & told me she wanted a session with beautiful lighting. Golden sunsets & Nebraska landscapes. She wanted romance in her images in the form of emotion & feeling. She told me of her fiancé, Mark. Who works at the JC Cattle Ranch outside of Gibbon, Nebraska. She said they both were in the cattle industry & that they love the lifestyle. She travels for her job & Mark works the ranch. She told me soon she would be jointing Mark for the long haul in Kearney. 
 Krystal spoke of her brother who is in the military, that he is photographer & she felt bad that he couldn't take her pictures. So now not only was I already doing a big job of being their engagement photographer, I had to live up to her brother as well. I was nervous that Monday night. However, the sun was shining & the clouds were putting on a big ol' puffy Nebraska show. 
 Nervous or not I knew we were going to have a  beautiful sunset & that the scenery around the ranch in Gibbon was to die for! Shortly after I arrived they got the horses out & let me know I would be driving the gator after them through the pastures. So that night I followed them in the gator (a little off road vehicle) & we went pasture to pasture, gate to gate, taking photographs. The sky put on a show & as we wrapped up a beautiful thunder storm was moving in across the plains. 
 Krystal & Mark will be married in Indiana on a farm next September. I hope them the best & even if I won't be there I will be in spirit. This couple won my heart & they deserve the wedding of their dreams. Krystal has style, so I know it will be good :)