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It was a pretty lace dress. A dress that would soon represent the start of a family legacy. Her mamma, told me she cried when she put it on. It was a pretty lace dress. A dress that fit just right, a dress that would hang in a closet filled with special memories. Isn't it neat all that goes into the dress?
  Long before there was a man and a women in love there was a little girl, who wondered where under the moon was the man she would marry? She would think of herself, in a pretty lace dress walking down an isle to her husband. With her Daddy on her arm, and a dream in her heart. So, isn't it neat? That before the wedding she thought of that dress, then after the wedding a legacy lives in that dress. It really was a pretty lace dress. 

Andrew & Jessica,

 I was humbled to be the one who photographed your wedding. I was humbled to watch you start your legacy. Your story is a good one, and I wish you the best. I hope your home is filled with love, your life filled with whatever makes your hearts sing, and your future filled with great memories like these. 

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