Estes Park Engagements | Colorado Wedding Photographer



 I was meeting my couple in Estes, I had to get there early to scout. At that point I was 7 hours of driving in, and going on two coffees and a stale snowman cookie. The awesomeness of the mountains pushed me on though. I felt so alive! I love these mountains and the fact that I get to photograph my couple there only made it better.

 Art in the mountains = my happy place. 

 I met Ethan and Victoria at their hotel, I was instantly at ease with them. We had put a lot of planning into the session and that helped me feel like I knew them already. We moved right into it. It all worked in our favor. The love they share, their naturalness of being together, the beauty of the mountains, and the freaking light! It was MAGIC. 

 I stayed the night in Estes, exploring the town and asking myself if I could live there. I think I could:)