I just redid my portfolio….It was a full day in a half of work. I still have a couple more weddings to go through but I am going to call it good for now. So here is the story to prompt the redo. 
 It was a cold dark night here on the prairie & my husband had just returned before night fall…..
No not really it went like this...

alt="Kearney, Nebraska wedding photographer"

 You see I have sight analytics, this tool tells me who comes to my website and from where. Well, the other day I found a spike in numbers from Wedding Bee's, a website that I do not subscribe to or advertise on. So I followed the link back to the website & found a bride's view of my page.
 She felt like I was better at posed pictures!!!! POSED PICTURES!! This was a knife to my heart as I consider myself a natural/gentle poser. I don't feel like my image are posed…I think my posing needs work. I was so sad, I went though my  portfolio & cried over each image that meant so much to me. 
 Then I sucked it up. I got to work. This is priceless knowledge this bride gave me! She gave me honest feed back! I should thank her! I knew what she was saying was true. My portfolio needed some life blown back into it. So I started sifting through each wedding, choosing only what spoke to me. 
 Before this happened, my portfolio consisted of images that I though brides would want to see. I wasn't be honest with myself. I wasn't choosing my work based on weather it was a reflection of my style(whatever that is?), I was choosing it through other people's eyes. I know that now!
 So the lesson here is a two part lesson. Part business, part life. Don't make choices based on what you think others would want you to do. Furthermore, if someone gives you a good piece of business advice for free….TAKE IT & run!


P.s…. If you read this Wedding Bee bride, Thank you! You forced me to deal with something that has made me a better business person & brought life to my portfolio. Have a good wedding:)