"How To Not Waste Your Money On Bridal Prep"

 Is your photographer coming to your bridal suite to document your getting ready process with your girls? To make the most of this time with your girls & your mamma, you gotta get your shit together. Literally. Get your all your stuff & shove it in a corner:) Here is why. 


 Often when I show up at a bridal suite the bride is ready for me, however nobody else is. They were not prepared & that just isn't fair. You are pretty much just throwing your money away because they run from the camera as if I'm slinging a gun. Ducking as the camera pans across the room like a gun in a bank robbery! Here is how to get the most from your bridal prep.
 Warn Them- Let all the women know that there will be a photographer in the room. Let them know it is important to you that they are in the pictures, so they need their faces on. Remind them to try to act natural.

Prep Them - Make it easier by assigning outfits, maybe a cute tank top that you had made, a robe, or flannel shirts with black tights & ugg boots (for all you country/mountain girls), or maybe something funny like Hawiian shirts. Whatever fits your personality. 

Give Boundaries - Tell all they girls that their stuff needs to be on a certain side of the room, not scattered about. Keep everything as close to the bathroom as a possible. This way your photographer can use the window light in the room to their advantage. This will result in you having stunning imagery.

  When you get a gaggle of girls together to get get ready, wedding ready, it shortly turns into a complete hazard area. Complete with makeup, bras, tampons, & every type of hair tool/product known to man kind. Do you think these images make the album? No. They don't. But they should. This a magical time of your day with your mamma & your best friends. This should be full of dynamic imagery that shows your dress, your hair, your best friends laughing, your mamma primping you, this should be one of your favorite parts of your wedding photography. So prep your ladies & reap the rewards in the form of darling photographs. 

  If you are getting married & found this helpful, tell me about it. Or if you have a friend who is getting married & could use this information, please share it. Every share helps me help brides across the United States. Which is all I want to do, help you achieve the wedding of your dreams.
 Stay Wild. 


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