"Give Me My Photos! Or How Long Until I see My Wedding Images?"

 I am going to break away from a "professional tone" and drop the wall between client and photographer. Let's have a candid, honest conversation about how long it takes to edit the wedding images. Every time I photograph a wedding I get these comments or calls or emails….."Just wondering if the images are ready?". I promise you if I finish your images I will not hoard them. I will not finish editing them, upload them to your gallery then just let them sit while you wait. 
  Now, I know it is hard to wait. It is your wedding!!! I respect that, in fact it kills me that I can't do it faster. I just can't. I wish I could just breeze through your images and not give them my upmost care. To not obsess over the skin tones, or how the lighting looks. I just can't. I have to take my time, to adore each image, to construct the most beautiful story possible. I have to take my time on your forever. Please, just know that I don't want you to wait and I want you to always be happy. I truly do. As a Prairie Star bride or groom you are one of my top priorities. You are. I promise, it does take time to do these things. 

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