Grand Lake Colorado Wedding Photography

 An open letter to the universe.

Grand Lake, Colorado is a beautiful place to have a wedding. Serving such a beautiful area has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that Grand Lake has. I have a goal. That goal is to move my business to Grand Lake & serve the surrounding high Rockies. I have always been captivated by the mountains. LIving in Grand County was one of the best adventures of my life. I found many things during that time. I found love, gold, quiet places, stunning scenery, & good friends. Photographing weddings there have made me miss the county….well, a lot. They say you have to put out to the universe the things that you want. This is me telling the world, the universe, & any other potential person that I want to be a Grand Lake, Colorado wedding photographer full time. I hope to have my business out that way for the summers. That is apart of my 5 year goal. To move the business to the Rockies.

Universe, make it happen. I am willing.

What you vividly imagine, utterly desire, & enthusiastically act on must come to pass.