"THE WORKSHOP" With Jasmine Star In Irvine, California...

 This August I had the pleasure of joining some amazing photographers and the fabulous Jasmine Star for her workshop. The workshop took place in Irvine, California and was a truly once in a life time experience. The day was full of valuable information and a styled shoot.  
 Jasmine talked about branding and how to develop your business for consistent results. She was honest and shared openly her experiences, knowledge, and passion for the craft. Jasmine's story has always been a huge inspiration for me. She doesn't sugar coat things, she tells it like it is. 
 We then moved into a styled shoot she had arranged. The point of the shoot.... Not to just shoot, but to take photographs that showcase your style as a photographer. Forcing each of us to think about much more than just the settings on our cameras or how the models looked when you hit the shutter. She pushed us into capturing movement, directing the couple into the pose, focusing on keeping the camera ready, interacting with the models to keep them natural, the words the photograph evoked, and so much more. 
 I walked away with my mind BLOWN that day. I couldn't sleep that night with all the thoughts of how to effectively approach my business and my craft in the future. She showed me first hand the thought process that includes nearly every move you make as both a photographer and a business person. 
 The workshop has changed me, has made me a better artist, and has opened my eyes to what I am trying to communicate with my business. 
 I am forever thankful for this stellar person who I was honored to meet. Jasmine and her husband, JD are truly one of a kind.
 So in the end a dream of mine came true. I flew to California, had an epiphany, fell in love with the O.C., and met my mentor. A solid trip if I do say so myself. 

 Feed your eye's pretty things with the images from the styled shoot:)

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