"Wedding Day Timeline....How It Can Make Break Your Day"

Wedding days can be really hectic. We all know that. Still I think it is important to look at how we can break the day down to run smoothly. If you don't set a timeline or have a plan your wedding can easily go off track. Once the wedding is off track all hell breaks loose. People start getting snappy, people start drinking, people start getting real pissy, real quick. So lets avoid this!
 You need to take your photography into consideration on your wedding day. Are you planning on doing group pictures before or after the ceremony? Planning this out is crucial to everyone being where they should be. Let your family know in advance where to be and that portion can go much faster. You don't want to be waiting on anybody during group shots. 


 Another photography tip is to think about what type of photography you want. Do you want sunset shots? An exit shot with sparklers? Are you setting off lanterns? Do you want to do a first look? If you have a specific type of shot or have a certain shot in mind, plan for it! It will not just happen! The day will slip away and you only have one shot to get it done, so be ready! Make sure you are meeting with your photographer 4-6 weeks in advance. IF your photographer isn't asking for a timeline....you should be very afraid. As far as that goes, if ANY of your vendors are not requesting meetings you should be worried. 
 All of your vendors need a timeline that flows together seamlessly. Everyone around you needs an itinerary so it all pulls together perfectly. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So get on it ladies and gentlemen. A smile and a plan will go far on the big day!
 Things to take into consideration when setting timeline:
*When are you getting your hair done?
*Where are all the events happening and do you need to account for driving times?
* You will have to schedule multiple vendors on a timeline as well. When do they need to be ready for you? 
*What is the photography timeline?
*What does the reception timeline look like?
  Take a good look at what needs to be accounted for and make adjustments. Writing it out is the best way to see how it can play out! Good luck!