"Lifestyle Sessions...What Are They?"

Photography sessions are about capturing who you really are. They are about capturing how your little girl laughs, or how your husband looks at you when you aren't looking, or how wisdom radiates from your grandfather's eyes. That is what photography is all about. Telling your story, showing how you love, showing how you care. It is painting the picture of your family dynamics. As they say pictures are a thousand words....and I believe that.  
 That is why I call them "lifestyle", it is a type of photography that focuses on portraying the life you live. As apposed to portraying correct posing rules or proper lighting. It has a deeper meaning. A lifestyle session can help you document in an artistic way, time periods in your life that you don't wan to forget. At only 25 years old I realize how quickly time does fly and just how precious your loved ones are. 
 It should be documented. Your family's milestones should be framed on your wall. Take the memories off your computer and put them back on your walls. I know that is what I am striving to do. And that is exactly what I want to give to my clients. Art in the form of those sweet moments that fade all to fast. 
 Book a lifestyle session today and tell your families story in style.


*Have them in your home or a place that is special to you
*Morning sessions with your children in their pajamas are some of the best
*Don't freak out if your child starts having a melt down, document it
*Relax and realize your gifting your children/family a legacy
*Let your children be, don't fuss over them
*Get a large image that portrays who you really are, it will make you happy:)

Do you like traditional or relaxed photography? Tell me about it!
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