{Alyssa + Andy } Hudson Gardens | Littleton, Colorado Wedding Photography

Alyssa + Andy | Hudson Garden's Wedding | Littleton, Colorado 


  You know that couple that is always having fun, you know the one. The couple who laughs all the time, has a smile on their face, and they always seem to be....genuinely happy? Yeah, you know. The kind of people you meet and walk away thinking, "Wow, I really liked them, they were so fun!" 
 That is exactly how I would describe this couple. These two had to go through hell and high water to get to the alter. Literally. Hell and high water. You see they live in Colorado and had a lovely venue booked for their up coming nuptials. The venue was a vineyard near Estes Park. Then Estes Park and surrounding areas were devastated by floods. Those floods wiped away the first venue. That was ONE WEEK before they were set to be wed! 
 Then the day of the wedding just as the bride was done getting her hair done, the sprinklers went off in the bridal suite!!!! Luckily the dress had just been taken to the vehicle for transport. The bridal party had to move to start over with wedding day preparations just hours before the ceremony! Hell and high water, folks, hell and high water!!!!
 Through all of these events Alyssa and Andy were nothing but delightful! They took it in stride, determined to get the alter! They pressed on and the wedding set in the beautiful Hudson Gardens, went off with out a hitch. It was truly an event centered around love, desire to be together, and strong bonds. They stood among family and best friends, who like guardian angels helped bring the event to life under dire situations. 
 I saw true love, friendships, and family bonds in a whole new light that day. I was blown away by how kind, generous, and amazingly sweet this group was. I found myself wishing I had friends like these. They all seemed so happy to be there and they all were genuinely happy for Andy + Alyssa. Let's be honest, lots of times in wedding parties you see "fillers". That is what I call the bridesmaids or groomsmen who are there as "fillers". They just needed them to fill the gown or the suit. No fillers here. Just true and honest friendship. 
 The wedding was filled with beautiful details and fall decor. The leaves just starting to turn adorned the trees. The alter set in front of the rose garden as the sun hung low in the sky. The entire wedding party and guests gathered for a large group shot at the end. I had to stand on a chair in the back row to capture such a large group, it was so fun! They danced the night away in a beautiful tent decorated with lights and lanterns. And, boy could they dance! More than one good dancer among this group! Ahhh, yes. Alyss + Andy's wedding. I will always remember this day fondly, as the day I met my should be best friends! 

  Thank you two for allowing me to be there! I meant every word of this post. I wish you the best and happiness galore!  Give that cutie pie of yours a hug for me! I'll always remember our little girls and us having so much in common!