Barn Wedding | Colorado Wedding Photographer

Oh Ethan & Victoria! I told them this weekend that they were the most untraditionally traditional couple I have ever met. They are so wholesome and sweet. They were married at the Prairie Loft Barn in Hastings, Ne. They made the very traditional choice to not allow the groom to see the bride before the ceremony. They did however have a "first touch, no look" moment. Where the groom was blindfolded and they prayed together. So traditional, yet so not traditional in style. I mean you can see for your self! The groom had a handle bar mustache and the groomsmen/groom wore suspenders. The bride's sister grew them 100's of flowers for the wedding, and the whole day was filled with charming details. The barn at the Prairie Loft provided the perfect backdrop for the event. They are my jam. Enough said! 

I adore you guys and your families, a special thanks to Randy who jumped my car:) 


Holland Performing Arts Center Omaha Wedding Photography

Nicole and Evan were married at the Holland Performing Arts Center in downtown Omaha. This venue had be excited at day one! I googled the Holland and knew I was in for a treat! I have been marketing my wedding photography business in Omaha and Lincoln area more and was thrilled to add the Holland Performing Arts Center to my list of venues. I hope to work there may more times with Georgia and her wonderful team! 

I was also blessed to work with the amazing Vernetta Kosalka of The Wedding Planner Omaha! She is a dream come true! I also have her to thank for sending me this beautiful couple! 

Nicole and Evan met one fateful night in college. One dead cell phone and night of being ditched by friends led to a love story that is so, so obviously wonderful. Some things are meant to be! 

The Holland was a perfect place to host the wedding! The ceremony and the reception all in one area made for a great celebration and party. I had to park my car in a parking garage like a big city girl:) 

Enjoy your sneak peek into wedding day! 

Florists: Mulhall's
Wedding Planner: The Wedding Planner Omaha
Venue: The Holland Performing Arts Center
DJ: Travis & Steve James
Cake: Calli with Whisked Away

Vineyard Wedding | Colorado Wedding Photographer

Featured Wedding, printed in Nebraska Wedding Day & seen on the Huffington Post

 Laura & David were engaged at this venue. He surprised here with a wonderful engagement so they naturally chose the vineyard to host the wedding. The property features really neat glamping tents, decorated with vintage furnishings. I fell in love with this venue!

 Laura & David were married at the Slattery Vintage Estates between Omaha & Lincoln. The wedding was rustic, yet glamorous. The dress was a stunning vintage inspired lace fitted dress, topped with a long veil. The details were hand made & the food was made fresh day of by the groom. 

 In marriage they welcomed David's step daughter, Molly. She was embraced & very much apart of the experience. The bridesmaids & groomsmen laughed & supported the couple on a wonderful early summer day. The groom's father resided over the ceremony & the whole day could not have been any sweeter. 

 I love you two & this wedding still blesses my dreams =)

Estes Park Engagements | Colorado Wedding Photographer



 I was meeting my couple in Estes, I had to get there early to scout. At that point I was 7 hours of driving in, and going on two coffees and a stale snowman cookie. The awesomeness of the mountains pushed me on though. I felt so alive! I love these mountains and the fact that I get to photograph my couple there only made it better.

 Art in the mountains = my happy place. 

 I met Ethan and Victoria at their hotel, I was instantly at ease with them. We had put a lot of planning into the session and that helped me feel like I knew them already. We moved right into it. It all worked in our favor. The love they share, their naturalness of being together, the beauty of the mountains, and the freaking light! It was MAGIC. 

 I stayed the night in Estes, exploring the town and asking myself if I could live there. I think I could:)