WHAT: I'm looking for a nanny family starting this summer, June 1st. 

WHERE: Boulder or Fort Collins area

WHEN: Starting June,1st
*With a face to face interview before start date & 2 week trial period where both parties can be sure were a good fit

WHY: I'm moving to the end of May after my little girl gets out of school

TYPE: Live out, unless you have a nanny apartment

HOURS: Full Time



Welcome! Thank you to anyone who reads this. I know it is taking time out of your date & I am grateful for that. I am looking for nanny family to begin with this summer. I am moving to Colorado from Nebraska and want to try to find a family before I get there so I can hit the ground running. I know that there is a small chance that I will find the right people/situation to fit my needs but I thought I would throw it out to the universe and see what happens. 

First, here is a run down of my experience as a professional nanny(special needs focused). I took care of a special needs child for almost 3 years. It was an incredible experience! I was honored to be apart of that family and even more humbled to have such a special child trust me and know me. Watching him grow was a true blessing and that little one taught me more than any other person I have ever known. In that time I learned sign language, used a communication device(s), was his para, took him to speech therapy, helped with his occupational therapy, planned and prepared meals, was in charge of drop off and pick ups, took him to camps and other outings, documented his days and food, and above all else....became his friend. I did clean the family living spaces/child spaces as well. So there was  household managing involved. 

There came a point where I started a wedding photography business. That business took off three years ago & I went full time in that business. I was truly a lucky person to have a business take off so quickly. However, my life has taken me in a new direction. I am currently looking to relocate to Colorado near Fort Collins or Boulder.

Why I am looking to make this move is driven by my desire to live the Colorado lifestyle. To raise my daughter in a healthier environment, to put her in little yoga classes, to let her run & play in the mountains, to be near better schools, to be more conscious of our environment, & to live in more health oriented area. I want to make a lifestyle change so we can both live a better, healthier lifestyle, in a beautiful place (oh, & more dog friendly!). It also is has to do with my business, mountain weddings are what I want to shoot in the long run. So I need to live there to network & market to those couples. So, the change is two fold. 

I also have a little girl, who I would love to have with me when I am working. I am more than happy to raise a brady bunch of sorts! Or if you have a 3-5 year old her age they could be great friends! I would also be willing to take her to daycare if that is what you prefer (as long as a great one can be found).  If there is ever a time where I need to travel with you or need to be with you for several nights for whatever reason, my daughter can stay with her Dad or my family. They will always meet us half way for those situations. 

What I am ultimately looking for:
* A happy family with 1-3 children. I would be willing to take on more children if they are older.
* A family that loves a healthy lifestyle.
* A family that will support my dreams, I will do the same for you.
* A family that likes to play but also likes routine.
* A family that enjoys laughter & the great Colorado outdoor lifestyle.
* An employer who can have open communication with me about the care of the children. Just be clear on expectations :)

* I do know basic sign language and can teach the children. Some say this helps babies/toddlers reduce tantrums when they can't speak yet. 
* I will clean up, do laundry(for the kids), change sheets, clean the rooms, help them with homework, or run errands.
* If you'd like I can go grocery shopping, drop off mail, or other household errands & needs.
*I am a good cook & baker. I'm a better baker, though:)
* I can handle multiple children, have newborn experience (change diapers, understand their needs, know when they might be sick, how to hold them, tummy time, all that stuff ),
* I have taken cpr, and my mother is a nurse. So I have a basic set of emergency skills. I would gladly renew my CPR training. 
*Am comfortable with nanny cams.
*There will be lots of fun, pinterest projects, gardening, walks, outings, music making up songs, letting them grow in independence, and of course stability. 
*Summer = Play Time... not tv time.
*Support your child as an individual as they grow & nurture them to do what they love. 
*Drive them to practices, help with homework, & generally have a blast;)
*Well planned out weeks, meals, and even the occasional theme for the younger ones.
*Have an open mind to help in whatever comes up.

I have a little girl & big sweet dog who would be coming with me to work most days. Even if I could put my dog in the yard outside that would be perfect. She doesn't have to come inside. Once I get settled maybe I can find a doggy day care? 

If you made it this far then I thank you for your time!! I know I am asking a lot, but I also know that I could be a great fit for the right family. I am more than willing to take background checks, drug screens & submit a references. Nannies are the glue that hold a working family together & I understand that.  If you can email me back here we could set up a time to chat on the phone or even Skype. 

 Thank You!


ps....I did create this website & am very tech savy. If you have a business that you need help running maybe I could help there too, if you aren't looking for full time hours with the kids? 


If you are interested in chatting further please fill this out. I'll get back to you asap!

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