Let me tell you a story….

My first memory was of my house burning down when I was 3 years old. I remember my mother ripping my brother & I out of bed. I remember the heat & glow of the flames. I remember my father fighting a losing battle with a garden hose.  That little white house was rich with family history, the place my great grandfather was raised. It was just an old farm house, it didn't stand a chance against the flames, it was gone in minutes. A gas leak sparked history that night & the very core of me was born from the fire. 

We recovered in time, but everything was lost. No memories, no clothes, no documents, no photographs.
I learned at a young age the value of a legacy. It was then that I started to appreciate things of the past. Old records, old post cards, old books, old music…even an old farm house.


I became a story teller to illustrate. I became an artist to gift the beauty in the ordinary. I became a time keeper to pause what is fleeting. I became a photographer to create legacies. Legacies that signify family, strength, & faith. For me, photography is about documenting the past for the future. It is about creating something to pass down to your generations, something that they can cherish & build up on. Something that can last forever. It is an investment in your love, relationships, & your memories.

So who am I? I am an artist forged from the fire, who tells stories that pause time through imagery. Welcome to Samantha Weddings. I'm Samantha & I believe in the power of a legacy.

 artistry. romance. legacy.





I believe that if you listen to your dreams it can change your life. Not the metaphorical kind, the kind you have when you sleep. It's your mind & conscious talking, so listen up.

The mountains give me peace of mind. The wilderness makes my heart feel closer the Earth. 

I believe that feeding your soul first allows you to serve others at your best.

The most important things in my life are things that can't be burned to the ground. What is most priceless comes in the form of memories and people. I learned that valuable lesson at 3 years old when my home burnt to the ground.

The thought that dominates your mind the most is the key. Deal with that thought and you will find a sense of freedom on the other side. It's ok that it scares you, that only means it will make you stronger. 

 I believe that everyone is an addict. Because, addictions are crutches & sometimes life gets heavy. Right now one of my crutches is coffee….. a lot of coffee.

I believe that having a child makes you a more balanced person. Because then you know what it is like to fear the future, be ok with the now, & cherish yesterday.

I believe that ones' essence is on display and that can tell you more than any conversation. Look closely.